The Benefits of Drupal For Your Business Website

The framework you choose for your business website can determine a lot about how your website will function as your business grows and needs change. Many businesses and website designers default to options like WordPress because it is well-known. However, there is a platform out there that makes it easy for your marketing efforts to integrate with your website as your business matures and digital marketing opportunities are fine-tuned.

Drupal is an integrative web platform that integrates seamlessly with Acquia marketing services like marketing automation, email marketing, and content management. While customers are looking for more and more seamless experiences, businesses can struggle to keep up without the correct technology and experts behind them. If your current CMS isn’t supporting your business as it should, consider switching to Drupal, like many well-known brands around the world already have.

Here’s why investing the time and resources into Drupal for your CMS will benefit your business in the long run:

  • Security: At the forefront of the system design, Drupal has a dedicated security team and allows for database encryption and granular access controls for your development team. It has long been the first choice for government and higher education for this reason.
  • Scalability: Quickly scale content with server scaling capabilities with Drupal.
  • Community: With more than a million users around the world, Drupal has built a community that continues to innovate and help their teams provide new tools based on brand needs.
  • Accessibility: Recent Americans with Disabilities Act rulings require businesses to provide reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities to view content on their website. Drupal allows for easy semantic coding that can handle screen readers. It also makes mobile-first web design a priority, as mobile has become the main source of initial traffic for most businesses.
  • User Experience: Drupal can be connected with many platforms through Acquia, making it easier than ever to find leads, create customization, and implement marketing automation to create unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Utilizing integrative tools that provide a seamless experience across email, social, and web allows your company to stick out in the minds of existing and potential customers. Your company website sets the tone for how your company is viewed, allows customers to find you and you to find new customers through lead generation techniques integrated into your CMS, and fed through to an email marketing workflow customized to how each potential customer interacts with your business.

Prodigitude provides an integrative digital strategy to help your business meet its marketing goals. With multiple talented Drupal-certified web developers on our team, we can help your business make the decision to switch and make the transition as seamless as possible. Our team can help by not only creating a thoughtful user experience design for your new business website but also implementing the website and building out an integrative digital marketing strategy to reach your business goals. From website design to email marketing, organic social media to paid advertising, we have specialists on staff to help.

Schedule a consultation to see how Prodigitude and Drupal can change how you do business, for the better.