Google Marketing Series – Part 1

Google Marketing Platform

As internet marketing practices have evolved, it has become necessary to change how advertisers market their products and services, reach existing customers, find new customers and most importantly, how they protect their privacy.  Google recently announced the Google Marketing Platform which combines and unifies the Google Analytics 360 Suite with the Double Click advertiser products and makes privacy the number one goal.

This cyber world combo keeps track of and details what is expected to bring together powerful advertising technology with a set of analytics methodically examining the data generated.  

Double Click originally debuted in the mid-1990s and now coupled with the Google Analytic 360 Suite focuses on helping marketers plan highly effective, optimized digital campaigns while still respecting privacy and giving customers more control over the data they share. A recent Google survey aimed at marketers worldwide discovered their number one concern was a better understanding of their customers. Googles new Marketing Platform encompassing collaboration and sharing insights is expected to make marketing a better experience for both marketer and consumer.

Small Business Tools

Analytics: Google Analytics is a free web service providing statistics and analytical tools for SEO and marketing. Google offers an easy 3-step set up for users. Datanyze, a sales and lead generation application, estimates 13.2 million websites use Google Analytics

Data Studio: Google Data Studio, a free dashboard, and reporting tool, enables users to turn data into reports that recipients find thought-provoking and informative.

Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager used in tandem with Google Analytics enables you to collect more data. Tags serve many purposes including; scroll tracking, monitoring specific events such as file downloads or items deleted from a digital shopping cart.

Google Optimize: Google Optimize a free software program that easily personalizes your user website experience, turns browsers into buyers and increase your ROI.

Surveys: Google surveys customizes market research. Initially launched about six years ago it was designed as an alternative way to access content without a paid subscription. It was reportedly launched by several online publishers including Adweek, Pandora, and the New York Daily News.

Small Business Tools vs. Enterprise Tools

Briefly, the difference between small business marketing tools and enterprise marketing tools can best be explained by the size, scope, and usage of the tools according to industry experts.  For example, small business tools are limited in what they can do and may not have certain features like built-in reports. Additionally, the number of users the program can handle is limited.

Conversely, enterprise tools, offer a full-service user experience. Often this 360-degree view is designed for large and growing companies with deep pockets. Among other things, enterprise tools provide a multifaceted, integrated approach to customer management systems and advanced, detailed reports.   

Enterprise Tools

Analytics 360: Analytics 360 is designed to analyze consumer performance, develop relevant insights into buying habits while connecting marketers and users in a more positive brand experience.

For example, Bookit, an online travel company, recently used the Google Marketing Platform to grow its business. Bookit outlined two main goals.

  1. Drive new traffic to the site
  2. Maintain or increase ROI.

The goals were achieved by using Analytics 360 to engage audiences by creating custom segments featuring:

  1. Different vacation destinations,
  2. Bookit deals  
  3. Highlighting available accommodations.

Bookit then posted the segments on Display and Video 360. They reported results showing:

  1. Increased revenue by 20 percent
  2. Increased new user traffic by 30 percent

Data Studio 360: Data Studio 360 is a version Data Studio designed for large businesses and corporations. It is a cloud-based visualization tool integrating data from a variety of 360 Suite products. Reports can be generated amazingly fast with this technology.

Tag Manager 360: Tag Manager 360, an enterprise level program provides easy integration and unlimited workspaces. Additionally, GTM 360 can create an internal process for who can make changes to your website.

Optimize 360: Optimize 360 is a premium testing and personalization tool for large corporations with varied testing requirements. Optimize 360 helps enterprise marketers create and test unique customer experiences.

Survey 360: Features of Google Survey 360 include surveys targeted by zip codes and remarketing capabilities. Marketers gain a deeper understanding of why and how to take advantage of campaign metrics.  

Search Ads 360: According to Google, Search Ads 360 replaces the old Double Click Search helping you plan, optimize and measure your search campaigns.

Display & Video 360: Google Display & Video 360 combines various features from display advertising products and allows you to create marketing campaigns from start to finish in one place making the process more efficient and creating greater collaboration between teams.   

Still somewhat a work in progress, Google says it will transition marketers to new features for Display & Video 360 as they become available.

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