Google Marketing Series – Part 2 – Analytics

Google Analytics Defined

Google Analytics is a free software program designed for small to medium-sized online businesses. It tracks visitor interactions on a website, mobile app or point-of-sale device when you install a small amount of tracking code. It is easy to set up and provides powerful, far-reaching information for marketers.

Some industry experts estimate that nearly 30 million online companies use Google Analytics. Additionally, understanding some fundamental components make it more user-friendly and significantly enhances its value.

Google Analytics Components

Google Analytics industry-specific components and their functions that retailers should become familiar with when analyzing their online business include:

  • Account: The starting point for Analytics is a Google account. You can set up and access Google Analytics with a Gmail account, for example. Analytics organizes data and identifies what visitor information, behavior and buying habits you want to track.
  • Properties: A property refers to a website, mobile app or point-of-sale device. An Analytics account can track many properties or only one property per account; the choice is yours.
  • Views: Are how you see various reports. The first view of any property is what Google calls, an unfiltered view. Google suggests you maintain this original view as it shows all the data available to you for monitoring. Additionally, once a view is gone, according to Google, it is gone forever. So be careful what you delete. Going forward, you choose what reports are generated, like sales reports, for example, and who sees them.  
  • Organizations: Products and users gather here. It is comparable to a snapshot of your company. You can access product accounts, manage users and permissions plus display pertinent company information like a logo or contact information.  

6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Google Analytics

The effective use of Google Analytics software is critical in implementing strategies for creating a platform with an increased ROI for the marketer interested in optimizing their website performance. Additionally, the program is easy to use for those tasked with transforming the data and information generated into actionable insights, including:

  • The data shared between platforms like Google Ads and Analytics provides you with a broader and realistic view of how your marketing campaigns are influencing visitor behavior. Additionally, incorporating the Search Console enables you to evaluate how your landing pages are doing. Successful landing pages need, for example, a compelling headline, engaging copy that identifies your product or service and its benefits all wrapped up with a strong and sincere, call to action.
  • Google Analytics features an internal site search that shows what potential customers are looking for when they arrive on your site. Knowing what people are looking for helps you customize your website to meet the demand for specific products or services.
  • You can discover how often visitors complete differing actions — for example, completing a purchase on an e-commerce site. Or, providing contact information on a site gathering leads. Having relevant information is essential in evaluating your marketing efforts and the success of your business.
  • Analytics tracks Bounce Rate, which is the percentage of visitors leaving your site after visiting only one page. This rate is an important metric to understand and take appropriate action to retain visitors for a longer more interactive experience.
  • Social media is a proven way to increase visitor traffic. Google Analytics can measure the effectiveness of the social media platforms you use in bringing people to your site.
  • You can create custom reports. Or use the reports Google Analytics generates on its own. The ability to use a report effectively and promptly grows a business as nothing else can.

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