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Building an Effective Online Presence

How to Build Online Presence For Business Why Businesses Need Great Online Presence A robust online presence can help businesses achieve a wider audience and build brand awareness. Going digital allows companies to expand beyond the brick-and-mortar stores and reach the specific group of…

How Does the Economic Downturn Effect Marketing?

Marketers, buckle up those seat-belts! We are on a roller coaster. During an economic downturn, businesses find that many serious consequences will hit them. There is a clear need for companies to develop innovative and efficient marketing solutions to survive and continue thriving through a…

Ditch the CRM and Upgrade to a CDP

Your sales, product, and marketing teams need to gather insight about their customers to do their jobs effectively. How an organization collects that information varies, but customer data can be managed through one of two software systems: the CRM or the CDP. Customer relationship management…

Benefits of Tracking and Measuring Marketing ROI

Every effort to grow and expand a company's work comes down to the expenses created versus how much revenue came in. Ideally, you want to be profitable, with the collective costs of your business adding up to less than what you're bringing in. It's important to know that your marketing campaigns…