Comprehensive Digital Marketing for Franchises

Any franchise marketing system requires comprehensive digital marketing efforts to accelerate your franchise development. To reach potential franchisees and consumers successfully, your firm must have a thorough digital marketing plan in place. At Prodigitude, we recognize the difficulties of franchising and can help reduce time-to-market for entrepreneurs.


Comprehensive Franchise Marketing Systems

Our comprehensive franchise marketing systems incorporate a vast array of service options. These include digital experience platforms, centralized data hubs, website development services, local search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media management, email marketing and online reputation management (ORM). We’ll work with you to develop a franchise marketing system that can be used to recruit new consumers, franchisees, and expand your business!

DXP & CMS For Franchises

The future of franchising is digital experience platforms that create meaningful relationships with potential franchisees and their consumers through intelligent experiences. We can help you design a digital experience platform to attract potential franchisees and customers. We develop centralized data platforms that allow you to track and analyze franchisee performance and consumer behavior. Additionally, our website development solutions will give your brand a professional online presence.



Location specific sites added in 72 hours or less


Provide seamless user experiences


Website driven by Machine Learning and AI


Consistent, continuous, cross-channel, cross-device experiences


Behavioral targeting to help your sales funnel


Quick duplication for new markets

Ongoing Monthly Services

We offer a comprehensive service approach that gives franchises access to a team of marketing specialists and a wide range of creative services for one low monthly cost.

IT and Telephony services have been available as a subscription model for what feels like centuries, so why not creative and marketing? Our all-inclusive service model is fluid and flexible, like your franchise business. We can go from generating creative content to social media management and content production in a matter of moments, just like the wind.


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Brand Consistency

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Access to a full team of marketing & creative experts

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Accelerate national brand awareness, interest, and engagement


Compelling marketing materials and collateral presenting your franchise model

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Centralized Development and implementation of all marketing programs

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Digital marketing, traditional marketing and social media success

Marketing Elevated

The use of marketing automation and personalization will get your franchise more national brand recognition, interest, affirmation, and trust by using Targeted, Strategic, and Automated Digital Marketing. We design and implement effective, measurable campaigns that convert traffic into leads. We specialize in local search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, social media management, email marketing, and online reputation management. Our staff has the knowledge necessary to work with you and your brand. We also provide assistance that will empower your franchisees in their local outreach.


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Better, personalized, customer experiences

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Comprehensive Marketing Experiences

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Become more competitive

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Improve operational efficiency

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Efficient marketing with automation

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Eliminate data silos

Data & Experience Platform

Powered by the #1 DXP on the planet* and supported by a team recognized among the best 501 service providers in the world! Elevated Business Platform (Cloud EBP) is a fully integrated data and experience management platform getting franchises to market faster and minimizing the time to profitability.

Cloud EBP can help your franchise grow its sales and market share. Cloud EBP lets you manage multiple locations, keep track of product inventory, and use customer data to personalize your marketing messages. This will help you reach more people through more channels on more devices.

We have access to over 2,000 marketing channels, social platforms and marketplaces all over the world. This means that we can make sure your brand sends the right message to the right person, at the right time. This applies no matter what type of franchise you have.

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Award more franchises

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Quicker time to market and quicker profitability

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Real-time personalization

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Private portals for all Franchise owners

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AI-powered data analytics platform

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AI-powered data analytics platform

Brand Management & Customer Acquisition Made Easy

Discover the resources and knowledge you need to combine your marketing efforts and enable every one of your locations to thrive.

Prodigitude is a marketing firm with decades of expertise in delivering outstanding service to corporations. We work with individual franchisees to help them expand their brands and get new customers. We use future-thinking and cutting-edge technology to do this. Our team of specialists develops digital experience platforms, instructive website content, successful advertising initiatives on search engines like Google, and more.

Brand & Local Search Engine Optimization

It is critical to ensure that your franchise locations are well-known online. Prodigitude’s search engine optimization (SEO) services can help you stay up to speed on how customers and entrepreneurs seek out franchises like yours. Making the proper adjustments and increasing internet exposure will attract potential franchisees and increase revenues at individual locations.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Predictive Decisions Efficient

Cloud EBP artificial intelligence powered technology platform analyzes results from every channel in each franchise location. With this data our team then focuses your budget on the channels that are providing the best return on your investment. Our AI driven platform ensures the right data is delivered to the right user, on the right channel, at the right time.


Our Services



Brand Strategy

SEO Strategy

Franchise Marketing Plans

Persona Development

Journey Mapping

Messaging Plans


Research & Analytics

Target Audience Insights



Naming and Logo Development

Brand Identity, Guides & Moodboards

Brand Collateral & Print Design

Content Development

Digital Asset Creation

DXP Design - UX/UI, Web Design

Photo & Video Production

Website Support


Integrated Campaigns

Landing Pages

Email Automation

Messaging (SMS) Campaigns

Content Strategy & Blogs

Virtual Presentations

Direct Mail


Retail & POS Materials

Trade Show & Materials

Vehicle Wraps



Local Marketing - Local Pack

Search Advertising (PPC)

Display & Remarketing Ads

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Social Posting and Guidance

Print Advertising

Performance Dashboards


Data Analytics & Analysis

Performance Summaries


A/B Testing

Campaign Optimizations

Conversion Rate Optimization

Everything You Need to Grow Your Franchise and Support Your Franchisees

With Prodigitude you get the best technology, awesome marketing services, and a dedicated team to franchise growth.


  • Customer Experience Focused Website
  • Smart Advertising
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Listings Management


  • Email Marketing
  • AI Driven Lead Tracking
  • Reviews & Reputation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Campaigns


  • Email
  • Chat
  • Text
  • Online Scheduling


  • Powerful Reports
  • Competitive Insights
  • Market Tracking