Full-Service Creative & Marketing Agency

Prodigitude is an end-to-end provider of digital marketing services. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey managed strategy, an independent audit, or services specific to a short-term campaign, our experience and approach are sure to prove to be an asset.

Full-service agency

We are the complete package

Prodigitude is a full-service creative and digital marketing agency. We are an Omnichannel Marketing Agency offering digital services driven by Al and managed by highly trained, certified staff. We focus on mid- to enterprise-level clients while emphasizing excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

From web design, branding, graphic design, SEO, social media and digitial marketing, we specialize in setting our clients apart from their competition through design, development and good thinking.

What we do

Curating digital experiences

Omnichannel strategies aren’t only for e-commerce any more. Our unique omnichannel strategies elevate your digital and traditional marketing efforts, creating seamless experiences for customers. Using quantitative and qualitative data we create solutions that drive conversions and increase your bottom line.


We are the Chief Marketing Officer’s best friends. With our Creative-as-a-Service model, the Prodigitude team becomes YOUR virtual creative team! Gone are the days of hourly billing. Finally an agency that has a strategy and billing model built to fit the fluidity of your business. Say hello to Creative as a Service (CaaS)!

We create websites that just work

Custom website design. Responsive website development. Managed & Maintained website hosting. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These days a website becomes the central nervous system of your company’s marketing efforts. We will develop a site that can evolve in real time to your businesses needs and continue to care for it once it has been launched.

We make sure you will stand out

In today’s world perspective customers are infiltrated with messages from every possible direction. To stand out you have to cater to your customer’s needs. Personalized marketing journeys from Prodigitude elevate your customers' experience and increase conversions.

Your Custom Website

Your website is the face, voice, and brain of your company. It should be designed with not only user experience in mind, but build to withstand the test of time and capture customer attention from top-to-bottom—with features only found in high-end professional websites! We offer Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) that combine state of art technology along with crystal-clear design so you can have an online presence unmatched by the majority of your competitors.


Your Hosted and Managed Support Team

When you do need help, we’ll be standing by to support you Rest assured, we’re not control freaks. But when you do need help, we’ll be here. With our managed & maintained hosting you have access to a 24/7 Service Desk ready to make content changes and updates whenever you need.


Your Marketing Elevated

"Marketing Elevated" used to be our tagline because there is a story behind those words—it all started with an opportunity to take our expertise even further and to help advance marketing potential in invaluable ways using targeted strategic digital solutions.

By using targeted, strategic, and automated digital marketing your brand will gain more national brand awareness, interest, validation and trust.


Your Data & Experience Management Platform

When you do need help, we’ll be standing by to support you. Our proprietary Cloud EBP (Cloud Elevated Business Platform) marketing automation, strategies and tactics will help make the impossible, possible. We will deliver user insights, personalized user experiences, and targeted campaigns for every step of your customer’s journey. Looking to turn your website into a custom app? We can do that too.


Your Very Own Creative and Marketing Department

When we came up with “Creative as a Service (CaaS),” we had the intention of a full managed service approach to design, development, and marketing, but over time we felt that the word “creative” wasn’t enough. We now like to think of it as “Everything as a Service.” In need a full marketing team but can’t justify the staffing? Maybe your team is stellar but feeling a bit loaded down these days? With our team of experts by your side you can rest assured your branding, marketing, and website is firing on all cylinders.


Our entire ecosystem helps companies consolidate products and digital assets, streamlining user experiences across commerce, website and mobile.



See What People Are Saying

"The team delivered amazing, above-average expectations on our website design and development. Not only did the website have the graphic elements we wanted and could not put into words, but it also had the interactive functionality we desired. Prodigitude does fabulous work and is a pleasure to work with!"

- H. Townsend, Apollo Group