Goal Setting and Measuring Metrics

Research shows revenue is the ultimate metric. Marketers who aim their goals to Revenue or Customer Acquisition targets are more confident they will hit revenue goals than those who plan to MQLs or Leads.1

Almost 56% of marketers who plan to Revenue or Customers, indicated the primary metric they use to measure marketing performance is  . . . well, Revenue or Customers.1

Metrics capturing more of the funnel—sales opportunities, pipeline, and revenue—are increasingly the primary marketing metrics for planning, optimizing execution, and measurement.2

Pipeline Marketing


Marketing Fact: While 80% of marketers consider their lead-generation strategy lacking in effectiveness, more than 50% still devote much of their budget to it, and nearly 25% don’t know whether their top-funnel efforts are resulting in closed sales. (HubSpot)

It’s time to change tactics. Get on the fast track toward success with pipeline marketing – the solution for converting leads into customers.

Pipeline marketing principles include: