What is in a name? By which we call an agency by any other word, or not a word at all. Prodigitude.


What is Prodigitude?

Over the past year, as we have continued to grow and expand, we have taken a hard look at who we are and what we value. The founders of The cloudCreative Agency have held a vision for years - to bring progressive, comprehensive marketing and creative solutions to our clients. Solutions that are unique, effective and efficient.

It began with our innovative Creative as a Service (CaaS) - an all-inclusive way to provide design and branding services within that of a managed service model. Instead of ordinary websites we build Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs), driving meaningful connections through smart experiences online. Basic lead generation is replaced with Marketing Elevated - progressive, cross-channel marketing and lead tracking solutions which usher personalized experiences across all channel. Our most comprehensive and integrated solution, Cloud EBP, combines all the attention and services of our DXPs, CaaS, and Marketing Elevated while offering a unified experience and data management platform complete with a single portal for all of your reporting, tracking, data assets and more. As we reflected on our unique suite of solutions we began to recognize our name no longer described who we are or what we do.

We have called ourselves The cloudCreative Agency but we provide more than creative solutions; we provide more than cloud solutions. We are not just a web design & development agency, nor are we just a creative agency or just a marketing agency. Our unique business model and team of subject matter experts allow us to be all three - A Full-service Marketing firm that builds digital experience platforms, strategizes omni-channel campaigns, creates consistent branding and digital assets, focuses on nurturing your business reputation and drives engagement, conversions and results. We make sure your business offers personalized experiences to users across all channels. Delivering the right message to the right user, on the right channel at the right time.

After some consideration and creative thinking, we would like to reintroduce ourselves as Prodigitude. Like our solutions, Prodigitude is unique - a word that defines us and our values. Pro- meaning progressive and future-forward; digi- signifying the digital, and -tude bringing in the quality that we value so much. We are a team of subject matter prodigies with a progressive attitude offering innovative solutions that drive outstanding results. We are, Prodigitude.